Asesewa Waterfall


Asesewa Waterfall

Duration :   1 Day
Price From :    $35.00
Age Range :   8-50
Total Seats :  200/200
Travel Date :  Fri 8 Mar , 2024

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Additional Tips:

Bring essentials like water, sunscreen, and insect repellent for the hike.

Enjoy your journey to Asesewa Waterfall!

Schedule Details

  1. Early Departure: Leave Accra by 7:00 AM to ensure you have ample time to explore.
  2. Breakfast on the Go: Quick breakfast from Afrivoyos for the journey.

Late Morning:

  1. Arrival in Asesewa: Arrive in Asesewa by late morning. Take a moment to stretch and prepare for the hike to the waterfall.
  2. Hike to the Waterfall: Start the hike to Asesewa Waterfall. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes for the hike.
  1. Enjoy the Waterfall: Spend the afternoon enjoying the beauty of Asesewa Waterfall. Take photos, relax, and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.
  2. Picnic Lunch: Have a picnic lunch by the waterfall.


  1. Exploration: Explore the surroundings. If there are any nearby attractions or viewpoints, consider checking them out.
  2. Relaxation Time: Take some time to relax by the waterfall or in a peaceful spot nearby. Engage with locals and learn about the area.
  1. Departure: Start your journey back to Accra in the late afternoon. Aim to leave Asesewa by 4:00 PM to ensure you return to Accra before it gets too late.
  2. Sunset Stop: If time allows, consider stopping at a scenic spot along the way to watch the sunset.
  3. Return Home: Head back home and conclude your day trip.

What's Included

  • Afrivoyos T-shirt
  • Breakfast
  • Transport


  • City Tours

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