Duration :   5 Days 4 Nights
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Age Range :   8-50
Total Seats :  500/500
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Travel Date :  Fri 8 Mar , 2024

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Respect local customs and traditions.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring essentials like sunscreen.

Adjust the itinerary based on your preferences and the current situation. Enjoy your tour of the Eastern, Central, and Greater Accra regions of Ghana!

Places You’ll See :

Schedule Details

Day 1: Eastern Region

Morning: Depart for Aburi: Start your journey early and head to Aburi in the Eastern Region. Aburi Botanical Gardens: Explore the Aburi Botanical Gardens, known for its lush greenery and scenic landscapes. Afternoon: 3. Lunch in Aburi: Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant in Aburi. Bunso Arboretum: Visit the Bunso Arboretum for a nature walk and to learn about indigenous tree species. Evening: 5. Travel to Akosombo: Head to Akosombo in the evening. Dinner by the Volta River: Have dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Volta River.

Day 2: Akosombo and Central Region

Morning: Akosombo Dam Tour: Take a guided tour of the Akosombo Dam, one of the largest hydropower dams in the world. Boat Ride on the Volta River: Enjoy a boat ride on the Volta River. Afternoon: 3. Lunch in Akosombo: Have lunch in Akosombo. Travel to Cape Coast: Drive or take a bus to Cape Coast in the Central Region. Evening: 5. Dinner in Cape Coast: Have dinner at a local restaurant in Cape Coast.

Day 3: Cape Coast and Elmina

Morning: Cape Coast Castle: Visit Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a dark history. Elmina Castle: Explore Elmina Castle, another historical site that played a crucial role in the transatlantic slave trade. Afternoon: 3. Lunch in Elmina: Enjoy lunch in Elmina. Relax at the Beach: Spend some leisure time at Elmina or Cape Coast beach. Evening: 5. Dinner in Cape Coast: Have dinner in Cape Coast

Day 4: Greater Accra Region

Morning: Travel to Accra: Head to Accra, the capital city. Independence Arch and Black Star Square: Explore Independence Arch and Black Star Square. Afternoon: 3. Lunch in Osu: Have lunch in the vibrant Osu district. Osu Castle (Christiansborg Castle): Visit Osu Castle, also known as Christiansborg Castle, which has served various purposes throughout history. Evening: 5. Dinner in Jamestown: Experience dinner in the historic Jamestown district.

Day 5: Accra Exploration

Morning: W.E.B. Du Bois Center: Visit the W.E.B. Du Bois Center to explore the mausoleum and learn about the life of the prominent African-American scholar. Makola Market: Experience the bustling Makola Market for some local shopping. Afternoon: 3. Lunch in Jamestown: Enjoy lunch in Jamestown. Art Center: Explore the Arts Centre for traditional crafts and souvenirs. Evening: 5. Dinner and Cultural Show: End your tour with dinner and a cultural show in Accra.

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  • Breakfast
  • Guide
  • Transport

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  • (Available on request)
  • Insurance
  • Visas or vaccination

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